7 Must-Have Things to Make the First Night Special

Description: Dating can be a lot of fun. Though, if you are nervous before your first night together, it’s understandable. Learn how to make it special with these 7 steps. 

Don’t we all want our first night with someone to be special? Of course, we do. Luckily, it’s quite easy to arrange. This guide will give you a few tips on what to have to make your first night special. Follow all these simple steps and success is guaranteed. Good luck!

1. Wine

Wine can be a nice social stimulator. Don’t get us wrong, in no way we recommend getting drunk on your first special night. What we suggest is having one or two glasses of wine before you decide to spice up your night. Having a little amount of alcohol will help you take the edge off. It will relax both of you, and create a better bond between you. Also, just having a bottle of good wine and pretty glasses add some romantic mood to the environment in the room. The set of the night impacts your desire almost as much as the person next to you, don’t forget that.

2. Candles

Speaking of the romantic atmosphere, you definitely need candles. How can you have a nice romantic evening, slowly moving into an even nicer night, without candles? You can’t! You need to light at least a few candles. If you have time, you can even create some special setting with candles, placing them in a heart shape, or making a path to the bedroom. Be creative with them.

3. Sexy lingerie

Should we even mention the importance of good lingerie in the bedroom? Of course, it may seem like men in their initial passion don’t even look at your underwear. But don’t be fooled by their rush. They see and notice everything. Surely, you can put on some of your favorite lingerie not just for him, but for yourself. Indeed, by wearing sexy clothes and lingerie you will feel better, more confident, and comfortable with yourself. This alone is a great reason to wear it on a special night.

4. Condoms

We are all adults here. So we must understand the consequences of ignoring the basic principles of safety measures. Regardless of whether you are on birth control pills or any other methods, condoms, whether male or female, is the only thing that can fully protect you. We are not talking here about unwanted pregnancy only. You should be aware of numerous sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that you can catch without a condom. Often, your partner may not even know he may have any STDs since some of them can go unnoticed by men, but have terrible consequences for women.

5. Lubricant

Needless to say, spending the first night together can be quite nervous. It takes so much planning and thinking. All this stress can affect your mood during the night. You need to feel relaxed and calm to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Though, even if you still can’t handle the stress, you can control the situation in bed. Having a lubricant in a bedroom can be really helpful in a situation like this.

6. Conversation

Before you are ready to move on with your night, do take some time to discuss your next move. For many people a night together may be very meaningful, for others, it’s just sex. A fun way to end a date, or learn more about a person next to you. There are many ways you can view lovemaking. To learn more about your partner’s views and thoughts on sex, you better schedule a proper conversation beforehand. After all, people look for dates for different reasons. If you are interested in hookups, you can read this ashleymadison review, and try this app for yourself. When you meet each other on a dating app with specific purposes, it’s easier to find mutual understanding.

7. Connection

Setting the right atmosphere on your first special night together is surely important. Though, none of these things will work unless you have a proper connection between you and your partner. You know, the type of bond that makes you feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable. It’s when you can understand each other without any words. Nothing you buy or add to the night can create or replace a connection like that. If you think you have it, your night will be splendid no matter what. Though, if you don’t, nothing else will work in your favor. How to know whether you have it or not? You won’t have to wonder when you do have it. It’s that simple.

The bottom line

Don’t put too much pressure on your first night. We are not saying it’s not special or you shouldn’t treat it as such. Though, if you like the person, you’ll have many other opportunities to create many special nights. So just keep calm, be yourself, and have fun. After all, that’s why you are doing it in the first place.

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