There’s a New Camming Site in Town… Is It Any Good Though?

There’s a New Camming Site in Town… Is It Any Good Though? 1

Say what you will about the prevalence and popularity of pre-recorded mainstream pornography, but we honestly believe that it’s on its way out. Why bother with passionless, heavily scripted fuck scenes when you can see THE REAL DEAL? Hell, you can even get involved with real women that all crave your attention and adoration. Sexing up webcam girls online is an art form and it’s also immensely pleasurable. If done right, it’s the next best thing to actually having sex IRL.

At CamwhoresTV, viewers can sit back, relax, and get freaky with some of the naughtiest online camwhores in the entire world… but is the experience actually worth your time? Does this site offer anything special when compared to the rest? Today, we will try to answer all of these questions and give you our honest opinion regarding CamWhores TV.

There’s a New Camming Site in Town… Is It Any Good Though? 2

Things to Enjoy About the CamWhores Site

  1. Variety. There are lots of women to choose from, including big-breasted moms and slender teens. Couples, gay guys, transsexual performers… With this particular website, you can rest assured knowing that there’s something for everyone. Sure, it might be a cliché by this point, but we still feel the need to point it out: there are many, MANY online models featured on this site and they all are eager to please. Which, of course, brings us to the next point.
  2. Eagerness. Just about every woman featured on this platform is eager to please. Due to the very nature of the online camming experience, viewers find themselves in firm control – directing and telling these beautiful women what they need to do to make us cum. All the ladies we have the privilege of encountering are extremely accommodating and affable. That being said, there are not TOO obliging either, so no one reeks of desperation, so it’s a huge plus as well.
  3. Mobile-friendliness. You can enjoy the broadcasts on your phone, be it an Android device or some fancy-pansy iPhone. There are no limitations, only pure pleasure for each and every single visitor that decides to pick this site as their go-to destination.
  4. Interactivity. Virtual gifts, interactive teasing with toys, and more. There aren’t too many other websites that offer an experience that’s comparable to the one you get on this particular camgirl platform. You can literally control the orgasms of some chicks and that’s nothing to scoff at. It’s EXTREMELY arousing, in our humble opinion.
  5. HD. Most cameras are HD-ready and it feels like a breath of fresh air, honestly. The women choose to broadcast with HD cams and you can see every detail.


Things NOT to Enjoy About CamWhores.TV

  1. Generic design. Look, we know that they’re aiming for what works/worked in the past, but there’s only so much you can get visually from the tried-and-true approach. From a visual standpoint, their design looks boring. Do not get us wrong, it does not look bad, but it does look boring.
  2. Lack of star power. YMMV on that, of course. Some people come to camming sites in order to interact with REAL women and some want to catch the attention of a bonafide pornstar. The biggest camming platforms sign adult movie actresses on exclusive contracts which prevents them from doing business with smaller sites, which is undeniably shady, but it works. This site can offer you only a modest line-up of pornstars with names such as Stacy Bloom, Julia Pink, Caroline Tosca, and Sharon Red. No Riley Reids or Julia Anns for you. Sorry.
  3. No session timer + other minor complaints. Even though it’s a minor annoyance, but it SHOULD be mentioned because we are unbiased. Other minor complaints include somewhat confusing navigation on the Categories page, occasional ads, things like that.

Final Opinions

Despite its shortcomings, this website is definitely the one that we will recommend in the future. If you want to skip the full conclusion, just know that it offers something that not too many other sites can: genuine quality, attention to detail, and reliance on its community.

A more flowery review would call this site “everything you have ever needed… AND MORE,” but we prefer to refrain from such strong statements. Obviously, there are many minor things that can either be fixed or improved upon. Obviously, perfect sites do NOT exist because there’s no limit to perfection.

With all of that in mind, we still have to note that this site might FEEL perfect to you if you’re tired of the same old mediocre camgirl experience. Everything’s elevated to a whole another level with this website and that’s no joke. You can literally spend hours upon hours just enjoying free shows with mesmerizing women that genuinely enjoy teasing their audience. You don’t have to pay for anything and even if you do have some cash to burn, you should take into consideration the fact that this platform offers VERY reasonable per-minute price rates.

The conclusion is simple: give this website a visit if live sex is something that interests you. Chances are, there’s a very special, very beautiful cam performer that is waiting to tease and please you.

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